Your orders come in. Now what?


So, here we are, barely passing our 2 year mark here in NOVA and along come new military orders. “Texas” my husband reads the orders to me, “in a little over a month”.

Let the research begin!

Input google search for housing, schools, nearest grocery stores (is there a Wegmans?!), doctors office and the search for a new yoga studio, of course!

As a yogi and a military spouse I know how helpful and important it is for me to find my new yoga home in Texas, here’s why…

Finding Ground During A Time of Change.

As a military family in a new state where we don’t know anyone, finding community and connection is a must.

I know what it’s like to be the new kid, starting over with a new job and all the new mom dating I will have to do to find my San Antonio pack! Luckily the military community is very welcoming but it can be challenging to find like-minded friends quickly. Finding a new home yoga studio that is welcoming and warm to build my new community is one of my first tasks when arriving a new duty station. I have found that when I find my home studio, like I have here at Honest Soul Yoga, I immediately feel like part of the community. There is a familiarity and routine that comes with being part of a yoga studio that immediately makes me feel safe, grounded, and at home, wherever home may be.

Staying in Practice During Preparation.

The move process is stressful, especially when you have a very short time to prepare (less than 2 months!). During this time I am so grateful for my yoga practice. There is so much to think about, where are we going to live, how are we going to get there, do we want to move ourselves or do we have the military do it, do we use a moving truck or a shipping service, we have to sell a car, how do we sell it, ect. I have been taking a lot of yoga classes these last few weeks. The 60 minutes that I spend in class is the only time right now that I have to slow down and stop thinking about the impending move. The time I have in class is my chance to focus on me and replenish my cup.

Presence in the face of uncertainty.

Yoga is about being present in the moment. Such a necessary skill to have as a military family. I never know what is coming down the pipe line, so staying in the present moment is a necessary survival tool.

I personally love change. But it is difficult not being able to decide what change is coming next. My yoga practice helps me to not only stay present but to be comfortable staying in (not bailing out), and being grateful for every moment.

Gratitude, always.

When I think about our military life I am  grateful for every moment, even all the ups and downs. I am thankful that I have yoga to help me through the lowest moments, and I am elated to share my passion of yoga with my daughter as she grows up.

While I may not be present at our NOVA Honest Soul Yoga studios soon, I believe this isn’t “Goodbye” but rather a “See you later”.




Lisa Mayfield (RYT200)  is a Long Island, NY native who first found yoga in 2007 (fuhgeddaboudit). She is a jack of all trades having been an ABA therapist, pastry chef, seamstress and a haunted house actress. Lisa decided to become a yoga instructor when she saw the benefits of yoga for PTSD patients and within her own body after sustaining car accident injuries. She completed her teacher training in Fort Bragg, NC and is very excited to share yoga wherever her family’s military lifestyle leads her.