We offer two styles of yoga – Flow and Restorative

Our Flow classes are a moving practice, offered in 3 levels – vigorous, moderate and gentle.

Our Restorative classes focus on stretching and relaxing your body and are appropriate for all levels.

Where to Start?

Do you want a small group with individualized attention?

Our beginner series a three week series focused on you and how yoga works for your body. We offer these sessions regularly and they include a 21 day yoga pass!

Do you want classes at a slower pace and with a few more verbal cues from the instructor?

Look for Gentle Flow and Align + Flow classes on our schedule if you want movement based. For a practice more focused on stretching and relaxing, look for Restore + Nidra classes. View our schedule.

Do you want to get the hang of things in a faster moving class with yogis that will help show you the ropes?

Come to any class on our schedule. The only classes we would not suggest on your first visit are Transform II, Transform III and Yin.

Beginner Series: Intro to Yoga

For the brand new yogi, this three week series will teach you how to make yoga work for your body!

Each week we will explore the poses and learn alignment that suits your body, touch on our philosophy of yoga and discover the different styles offered at HSY.

We believe there is no “right” way to do a yoga pose. We teach in a way to speak to all students’ bodies and respect that each student will be at a different level, which is why students feel comfortable as a beginner, intermediate or advanced!

Beginner Series Registration

Beginner FAQs

How do I prepare for my first class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class.  This will allow us to ensure all of the proper information is entered into the computers, our waiver is signed and you are given a tour of the studio. Online pre-registration for classes is available, but is not required.  We welcome drop-ins and will help to walk you through the process in person.

What should I bring?

Yourself. A mat (if you have one – if not, we offer rental mats for $2). Wear something you are comfortable moving in! You may want a towel and water, especially during our heated classes. We have props for complimentary use – blankets, blocks, bolsters, sandbags and straps!

Where can I store my things while in class?

We provide lockers and cubbies for your use during class.  We also have shoe racks and coat hooks in the lobby and hallways.

What if I am running late?

We understand! While we would like for you to arrive no less than 5 minutes before class starts to get yourself settled and ready for class, we do allow entry into most classes up to 5 minutes after posted class start time. After that, it’s just too distracting for others and doesn’t give you enough time to properly prepare your body (or mind) for class. There is no late entry permitted for Restore + Nidra and Yin classes. We know traffic in this area can be tough (that’s being nice) so we have a number of classes with staggered start times in the evening – if you miss getting into one class, hopefully you can stay for the next one!

What class should I take first?

Most classes at our studio are appropriate for all levels and new students are encouraged to join a class that fits into their schedule. Especially good for newbies are our Gentle and Align classes. The only classes we would recommend not trying out your very first time are Transform, Transform II and Yin. The best part of coming to class is that you will see all levels, bodies, and personalities in each class. Most classes will have a student who is familiar with the poses and the best way to learn is to glance around, see the pose, and find it in your own body. It is okay if you are not familiar with all of the poses, but do what you can and feel free to take a seat at any time. Our Beginner Series is designed to spend more time working through the poses.

What is expected of you as a student?

Every student that walks through our door has a different body and a different life story.  All we expect of each of you is a willingness and openness to try yoga and the promise that you will listen to your own body.  It truly does not matter what you “look like” when doing yoga, only what you are feeling.  We encourage you all to listen to how you feel and modify your poses so that yoga feels good in your body!  All of our teachers will help you to find modifications, but we need your help…only you know how you feel!

Can I eat before practicing?

It is recommended that you wait 30 min after a snack, and 2 hours after a meal to give your food a chance to digest before twisting and bending.

Are all of your classes heated?

We offer both heated and non-heated classes. Our Honest, Flow + Restore, Rock Your Asana & Transform/Transform II classes are heated to 80-85 degrees. Our Align, Restore + Nidra, Gentle, and Yin classes are non-heated.

Why is heat added to some yoga classes?

Heat helps to keep you muscles warm and fluid, allowing for deeper stretching without causing injury.  Heat also increases your heart rate, giving you a cardiovascular workout along with strength building.  When our bodies heat up we also begin to sweat.  Sweating is your bodies’ way of releasing toxins and cleansing your system.  Prepare for a hot room by bringing a towel to dry off and water to stay hydrated

Why don’t you have mirrors?

There are a few reasons for this.  First and foremost, we encourage students to listen to their bodies and modify each pose to suit themselves.  Mirrors can cause us all to shift ourselves to fit the “pictures” of what each asana is instead of what our bodies need.  Not only can we be hard on our own bodies to get things “right,” but with mirrors, many times we can get competitive with others as well when we see them getting deeper into poses than ourselves.  Yoga is not about competition though, but is about finding your inner self.  Finally, each of our teachers are trained to SEE you in the room and help to create a comfortable, safe practice in your body.  They will be there to make sure you aren’t hurting yourself. We want each of you to stop THINKING about the practice and begin FEELING your way through your body and soul.

Are you fixing my poses when you assist me?

No way! The assists given are not there to fix you or yank you into a pretzel, only to enhance your existing practice.  If you have any injuries and/or if you don’t want to be assisted please let the teacher know before class. Honest Soul Yoga’s teachers are instructed on providing proper hands-on assists during class as well, to allow you to take your practice to the next level.  There are times that a teacher will also have an assistant in the class who circulates through the studio providing hands-on assists.

Why don’t teachers practice with the class?

All of our teachers are trained to teach a class around the students who show up. We all have a skeleton of a class prepared, but a lot of the poses are determined in the moment to cater to individual needs. We also call specific cues based on what we see students doing. If we practiced with you, we would not be able to customize our classes. We do demo as needed. If you are ever unsure what to do, our teacher will most likely notice and provide more instruction.

Do I have to do every pose the teacher calls?

Absolutely not! Listen to your body and do what you feel comfortable doing. We will always encourage you try new things, but it’s up to you and how you feel that particular day.

Are your teachers certified?

All of our teachers are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and are CPR certified.

How do I avoid injury?

We ask you to trust your body and use your intuition. If something hurts (sharp pain especially) or does not feel right, stop immediately. We may encourage you to go deeper into a pose, but it is up to you to listen to your body and go to your personal limit. If you have a preexisting injury please consult your doctor.