Flexible Membership Options

We offer flexible membership options to meet your schedule and budget whether you come 1x a week, 2x a week or more.

Military Discounts Available! Use promo code MIL5OFF to receive 5% off memberships, class packs and child minding.

Membership Tiers

Choose which membership tier suits your lifestyle!

Our auto-pay memberships have a four-month commitment. Switch between tiers to meet your budget and schedule.

Additional Pricing Options
Membership FAQs

Like Perks? Choose Our Best Deal: Tier Three!

With Four Month Contract: Membership will continue until Terminated by Client.

Membership FAQs

 How do I manage my account?

Everything you need to manage your account is right here!

Is there a commitment to sign up for the membership?

Yes, there is a four (4) month commitment for any of the memberships. However, after four months you have the ability to cancel your membership with 14 days notice. If you must cancel before four months, there is a termination fee of $150 that will be incurred. Once purchased, there are no refunds. You can manage your account here. Military Service Members can cancel without penalty by presenting copy of orders. 

Are the memberships on auto-pay?

Yes, all memberships are on auto-pay using your debit or credit card and occur monthly. While our memberships are a four month commitment, you will continued to be charged after your time period until you submit a Membership Cancellation Request. If you do not want to be charged automatically, we do have non-auto pay options available.

Am I able to change my membership?

Yes, all three of these memberships can be changed by submitting a Membership Tier Change Request through My Membership.  If you are on the 1x a week or 2x a week you are able to upgrade to another level at any time, even during the current month by purchasing a Tier Upgrade. Your next month’s billing will be at the new tier.

Tier Upgrade Charges: Tier 1 → Tier 2 = $20 // Tier 2 → Tier 3 = $20 // Tier 1 → Tier 3 = $40

If you are on the 2x a week or Unlimited you are able to drop down to the next level, but only at the beginning of the next pay period.  There are no refunds for dropping to the next level.

Can I change my membership to a different  tier for just one month?

Yes, as mentioned above, the membership can be changed for any number of months, as long as it follows the guidelines above.

How much in advance do I need to notify you to cancel my membership?

If you are in need of cancelling your membership please go to My Membership and submit a Membership Cancellation Request form.  You must provide 14 days notice or your account will be charged for the continuing month. No refunds will be issued.

 Am I able to put my membership on hold?

You are able to put your membership on hold (suspend payment) for a minimum of thirty (30) days with a maximum time of three (3) months. Additional time can be added on a case by case basis for extreme circumstances. Please submit a Membership Suspension Request form under My Membership. Please provide a minimum of 14 business days prior to your next billing cycle.

If I miss one week am I able to roll my missed days to another week within the month?

Yes.  If you miss one or two classes in one week you are able to use them within your month (based on your billing cycle). Classes cannot be added to the next month, but can still be used in the same billing cycle.

Are there any activation fees for purchasing a membership and changing it?

We do not have any activation fees! To upgrade to another tier, there is a one-time charge.

Additional Options
$21 for 21 Intro Offer

21 Days of Unlimited Yoga!

Tier Three: Unlimited

Visit as often as you like each month! Auto-pay membership.

$99 Buy Now
Tier Two: 2x week

Visit twice per week (eight times per month). Auto-pay membership.

$79 Buy Now
Tier One: 1x Week

Visit once per week (four times per month). Auto-pay membership.

$59 Buy Now
Military | Teacher | Student | Senior 65+ Discount

Tier 3 Unlimited Membership. Valid ID required.

$94 Buy Now
Summer Break Special

3 Month Unlimited Pass for Students/Teachers. Must show ID.

10 Class Pack

Shareable. Cannot be used for workshops or series. Good for six months. Available in 5 Class Pack option too!

1 Month Unlimited

Not set for auto-pay. Pay for 1 year and save!

Week Pass

Seven days/unlimited (out of town only).

Drop In

One Class. Military|Teacher|Student|Senior 65+ discount.