Now offering Integrative Physical Therapy appointments.

Honest Soul Yoga is pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Megan Anderson, PT, DPT  to provide Integrative Physical Therapy.

Megan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and yoga teacher specializing in pelvic health.

Office Hours at Honest Soul Yoga: Thursday morning from 8:00 – 12:00, Child Minding is available 9:30 – 11:00.

Integrative Physical Therapy

Integrative Physical Therapy takes a holistic approach to healing, combining traditional physical rehabilitation with medical therapeutic yoga. Whether you are healing from an injury, ready to take control of your chronic pain, deepen your personal yoga practice, or heard from your doctor that you should ‘try yoga’ but don’t know where to start, this approach will help you move forward to better well-being.  

Get to know Dr. Megan and determine if Integrative Physical Therapy is right for you with a Discovery Session, an opportunity to discuss your history, ask questions, and begin the conversation with a brief screening.

Working with Megan begins with an Evaluation Session where you will discuss in more detail your concerns, symptoms and goals. Megan will observe and evaluate how you are moving and take a complete and thorough history to get to know YOU. This will help create the best individualized care plan to help you reach YOUR goals.

In your Follow Up Sessions with Megan, you can expect gentle hands on treatment, awareness exercises to help you connect with your body, and movement based exercises. She is committed to intelligent & intentional yoga to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your practice – whether at home or in the studio.

About Megan

meganMegan Anderson, PT, DPT provides Integrative Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic health. She views rehabilitation and wellness care as a partnership in health with you, her client. She believes that you are the expert in your body and paired with her expert knowledge of the body, chronic pain, anatomy, and more she can help you reach your goals to be more active, feel better, understand how to optimize your yoga practice and more!  

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a trained Yoga teacher who continues
to broaden her therapeutic yoga education, Megan is uniquely qualified to address injury and physical limitations relating to your practice. Unlike traditional PT sessions where you may see a variety of providers including ‘techs or aides’, you will spend 100% of your time with Dr. Megan. Your sessions will always be tailored to you and your specific goals and individual needs.  

Megan Anderson, PT, DPT | Doctor of Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga

Integrative Physical Therapy FAQs

Do I need a referral?

To begin working with Megan, you do not need a referral from your physician. However, some insurances may require a referral.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Megan Anderson, PT, DPT is an out of network provider for all insurance companies. Many insurance companies offer reimbursement for services obtained ‘out of network.’ It is recommended that you check with your insurance company for the specifics on coverage. Tricare Standard: If this is your insurance, your visits are eligible for reimbursement. At your first session, ask Megan about the details on how to submit.

What does a session look like?

Once you meet with Megan for an evaluation, each follow up session will be 55 minutes in duration. Each session will be unique to you and will include manual therapies, yoga based exercises and education about your condition and what you can do between sessions. We will also integrate mindfulness based modalities including meditation, breathing, and deep relaxation as appropriate. Sessions are always one on one without interruption. This time is reserved just for you.

How long do you normally work with a patient?

This will vary for each individual, but generally the most benefit is achieved when we work together 1-2x/week for 3 months. I often see clients for 6-8 months in total at varying intervals. We will discuss a plan at your initial visit and determine what is most appropriate.

Do I have to be injured to see you?

No! Wellness appointments are a great way to learn about your body and take your yoga practice to the next level! Not to mention it is a great way to stay healthy and prevent long term problems.

What is Child Minding?

Shared sitting service provided by Honest Soul Yoga so you can have one-on-one time with Dr. Megan. Your littles get to have fun with other littles and our wonderful Child Minding Staff during your appointments with Megan! Drop-in for $5, also available in multi-packs for discounted rates.

Appointment Types

To request an appointment with Megan, click here.

Discovery Session: 30 minutes

An opportunity to discuss your history, ask questions, and get to know Dr. Megan to determine if Integrative Physical Therapy is right for you. These sessions will be focused on history and a brief screening/evaluation. They are not intended as treatment but rather an opportunity to learn more and begin the conversation.

Evaluation: 60 minutes

This session will continue discussion of your medical history, outlining your goals and objectives for care. An evaluation is required for all new clients whether you are looking for wellness or medical based care. This session will include treatment and recommendations for home/studio practice.

Follow Up: 60 minutes

These sessions will be tailored to your needs at the current time with consideration towards your long-term goals and plan of care. They can include many different types of treatments: manual therapy, myofascial release, movement based exercise, breath work, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, and more.